What are your Valentine’s plans?

10 Feb



My lovelies, what are your Valentine’s plans? My sweetheart already got his present (I love to give presents but I am  impatient so the boyfriend got his christmas present in november, his birthday cake at christmas and his Valentine’s present yesterday … anyway, he liked it!)

So tell me, what are your Valentine’s plans? Are you still looking for the perfect gift? Maybe my Valentine’s Gift Guide will help:

(1) Your girls favorite animal is the buffalo? She will looove this fine art print. (This one is cool too)

(2) Missus is a rock-star? You know what rock-stars need? Detox, right.

(3) Girls tend to be always late (I do!), so surprise her with this beautiful watch.

(4) If she is always asking you this question, give her a ring so she never forgets.

(5) Every girl loves flowers, especially tulips.

(6) If your lady is a font-nerd like me she will love Luella.


Are you more of a DIY-guy?

Maybe you’ll surprise her with a geode ring or homemade ravioli? You could get crafty and make some Valentine’s date arrows or a heart blanket … or just ask her to grow love with you.

Hugs & Kisses XOXOXO




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